I have a couple of new projects that I am working on now. First up is the 5th installment of the Reed Ferguson series by Renee Pawlish, called “Out of the Past”. We find Reed working as a bodyguard for a rich man’s daughter, only to get caught up in more than he bargained for. Needless to say, this isn’t the typical “follow the young girl around and keep her safe” client Reed hoped it would be. Next after that, is the 6th installment of the Mac McRyan series by Roger Stelljes, called “Blood Silence”. This book will be out for sale this summer sometime, and I hope that the audiobook release isn’t far behind. I have only read the first quarter of the book as of this post, but I can tell you that Mac is again tied up with Judge Dixon and Washington Politics, and that takes him all over the country, including time with his old detective buddies in St. Paul.

I love reading series of books like these. I get to know the characters so well and just love finding ways to change my voice to inflect the personalities of the characters that the author provides. Plus, I feel very blessed when an author wants to use my voice over and over again. I hope that means that they are getting exactly what they want in the audiobook. Audiobooks are like movies – how the story is presented by one person’s viewpoint (the director in the movies) can be very different from one person reading the story themselves on the page. I work hard to make sure that I am bringing to life what the author has in their minds as to how the characters would behave.